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What is the ROI of your Patient Recruitment activities?

If you’re not 100% sure, you should find out….asap! Our Market Feasibility Test will answer this question long before you find out from your internal teams.

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Gain insights like never before

Our Market Feasibility Test allows you to test out the market to understand the ROI for you and your company. We test before moving forward so you don't waste time...or money.

Take a look inside

The purpose of this test was to determine if it was possible to locate and qualify candidates with long-term COVID-19 symptoms via social media advertising and determine what the cost per lead would be.

How can this help you?


Direct insights into healthcare consumers based on indication, condition or disease


Comparative analysis of a client’s current solution, partner or provider


Informed costs for long-term and/or complex solutions


Lead costs for a target indication, condition or disease

How does it work?


Step 1

Interest & Action

Highly targeted digital ads attract your ideal study candidate or indicated patient


Step 2

User Education

Consumers are navigated
to landing pages for more


Step 3

User Qualification

Online screeners qualify
based on inclusion/
exclusion criteria, suitability
and intent questions


Step 4

Feasibility Results

Results are analyzed to
determine suitability to
client requirements

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Who is 83bar?

83bar specializes in locating, qualifying, educating, and preparing healthcare consumers to participate in trials and/or take advantage of approved products and treatments.

Patient engagement is what we do

Our platform delivers the combined services of market research, CRO, advertising agency, call center, site management and data analytics—all with an empathetic, highly engaging approach to both patients and clients.

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